"Photography isn't my job, its my passion."

seetru is a photography company that also does social content creation for multi-day festivals. 
It all started with the passion for photography that I got from my grandfather. He filmed and photographed analogue. I was so fascinated by the power of the image that I started taking pictures myself. When I was 16 I bought my first amateur camera and entered a competition called kunstbende. I finished 2nd, even though I only had my camera for a month. After that I got the chance to start photographing as a volunteer with Brugge leeft. After that chance I got more and more work and decided to become a student freelancer.

I bought professional equipment and the bookings became bigger and bigger. 

In 2020 the whole world was ravaged by corona. As a result, I could no longer continue my work and decided to take a break in December.

But the break was short-lived, I missed photography so much because I don't see photography as work but a real passion.

Therefore, I decided to start back with my photography work on August 1 2021.

Despite MY young age, I already have a lot of experience.

From small events to festivals, weddings and corporate shoots.

I am always open to new challenges, that's what makes photography so much fun.